Your Vote, Your Voice!

2024 is a significant year in history with the most ever recorded countries going to Vote! This includes South Africa, Europe, and our very own Malta, are all holding important…

Merle Whale

Malta has the lowest inflation rate in the EU

Everyone is feeling the pinch with rising household costs across the world. According to the Euro stats report of January 2022* Malta registered the lowest annual inflation rate of 2.6% within the EU which as a whole had an average

Merle Whale

Covid Vaccination Certificate

I facilitated a very productive meeting recently with both Health Authorities of Malta and South Africa. These key roles players, including representation from the IT department of the National Department of Health, are keen to find a solution for Vaccinated

Merle Whale

New President of the European Parliament is Maltese

Congratulations on the appointment of Roberta Metsola to the president of the European Parliament, she was elected in a landslide victory. This is excellent news for Malta and its recognition on the world stage.

Merle Whale

Plan B, Diversification, Net a Plek?

Would you like some assistance for a bolt-hole, Plan B, currency hedging or ‘Net a Plek’. Find out first-hand and participate in this free express webinar on Thursday 15th April at 18h00 (SA) on aspects particularly relevant for South Africans

Merle Whale

Bets on Malta being a Top post-Brexit trading centre

The Independent Malta writes: Financial experts believe that Malta is second only to Cyprus in bid to become the trading capital in Europe post-Brexit, the world’s foremost provider of in-depth knowledge in the field of multi-asset trading reports. Headlines in

Merle Whale

Malta on your radar

Finding your EU Schengen solution can be easier than you think? Investment  |  Diversification  |  Lifestyle  |  Plan B Malta has much to offer on returns on investment for the property. With traditional healthy capital growth and attractive rental returns, earning

Merle Whale

Malta Freedom, 31 March

Freedom Day, 31 March marks the withdrawal of British troops and the Royal Navy from Malta in 1979. This annual feast which usually features a variety of activities, such as the traditional regatta race was cancelled due to the situation

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