We’re visiting South Africa in February 2024!

Exciting news! Merle will be visiting South Africa in February of 2024, and is now accepting appointments for personal one-on-one meetings for those who wish to take the next step in exploring Malta as an opportunity for investment, business, relocation and retirement. 

Our experience


Our story started with looking for a Plan B, never really wanting to make a move. I came to Malta on an exploratory visit – ‘kicking and screaming’. I had no intention of staying. To my surprise, I fell in love with Malta.


Driven by the buoyant economy, the property market in Malta has consistently provided healthy returns for capital growth as well as on rentals.


Malta has a reputation for offering some of the best residency options and company structures as well as for promoting innovation in Europe.

a smart future

Why Malta?

Malta offers an enviable lifestyle with some of the best residency schemes and citizenship by investment programmes’ in Europe – without additional hidden costs.

Investor Programme

The Maltese ‘Citizenship by Naturalisation for Exceptional Services by Investment’ (The new regulations by virtue of legal notice 437 of 2020).

Qualifying foreign individuals and their families, who contribute to the economic development fund of Malta, and meet the statutory requirement, may be granted a certificate of naturalisation as a citizen of Malta. Applications must be made through licenced Agents.


A variety of residency programmes are available with the relevant conditions for Non-EU and EU Nationals. As this is not a one size fits all the programmes varies based on requirements such as number of days, taxation, qualification etc.

These include: Global Residence Programme, The Malta Retirement Programme, Ordinary, Long Term and Temporary Residence, Residence for EU Nationals, Highly Qualified Persons.
The revamped Malta Permanent Residence Programme MPRP (from March 2021, replaces the acclaimed Malta Residency & Visa Programme MRVP).


Foreigners residing in Malta are not taxed on their worldwide income, but only on Maltese source income and capital gains, and on foreign source income remitted to Malta. Foreign source capital gains are not taxed even if remitted to Malta.

Diversified Portfolio

Diversify your portfolio and benefit from the favourable taxation rates for companies and individuals.

Serious buyers are looking for secure economic and political environments and reduced risk – which Malta offers.

Retire in Malta

Rated amongst the top destinations to retire, Malta offers mature people residency in a country that will give them the best in terms of climate, lifestyle, health services and peace of mind, whilst also providing advantageous tax regime benefits. 


Malta Property


Have a look at properties we recommend for those looking to invest in Malta.


See everything Malta has to offer with these property recommendations.


Recommendations for property in Malta for those who want to relax.

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