Rated among the top of the most powerful passports in the EU/Schengen. Residency or citizenship by investment provides ease of movement and the ability to work and live in other countries.

Investment and Residency must be processed by a licensed company, the following are the preferred programmes;

  • Malta Individual Investment Program (MIIP) grants the rights of full citizenship including a passport.
  • Malta Residency and Visa Programme (MRVP) grants the rights to live and work in the EU and have access to Schengen countries.
  • Global Residency Programme (GRP) is primarily for tax purposes.
  • Ordinary Residence is for EU nationals.
  • The Retirement Programme is for EU nationals.
  • Other options include Highly Qualified Persons and the Formation of Company and Trusts. Malta jurisdiction and taxation are attractive for iGaming, financial services, aviation registration, ship & yacht registration, media and pharmaceuticals.

When comparing which programme is relevant for you, some considerations would be;

Annual tax, once-off government residency fee and an application fee, government investment. Will you be in one jurisdiction for 183 days, or more.  What options do you want for you and/or your dependents, and will citizenship or residency with full Schengen visa be required.