A Smart Future

Malta offers an enviable lifestyle with some of the best residency schemes and citizenship by investment programmes’ in Europe – without additional hidden costs.

The benefits of alternative Residency Programmes:

S.          Secure the future for you and your family

M.        Mobility is easier with visa-free travel in EU and Schengen areas.

A.         A lifestyle envied by many.

R.         Realise the power of opening opportunities.

T.         Tactical planning to leverage personal or business finances.

The process normally includes the purchase or renting of qualifying property and differs depending on where it is situated. Applicants will need to qualify with relevant health insurance, resources, clean criminal record and after satisfying a “fit and proper test” can apply for the residency card. Other aspects include government levies payable and the purchase of government bonds.


Investor Programme

The Maltese ‘Citizen by Investment Programme’ is available to foreign individuals and families who meet the necessary requirements.



A variety of residency programmes are available with the relevant conditions for Non EU and EU Nationals. These include; Global Residence Programme,The Malta Retirement Programme, Ordinary, Long Term and Temporary Residence, Residence for EU Nationals, Highly Qualified Persons.

The revamped Malta Permanent Residence Programme MPRP (from March 2021, replaces the acclaimed Malta Residency & Visa Programme MRVP) Also is the enhanced Malta opportunity to acquire Citizenship is by extraordinary approval of the appointed authority has been well received.


No death tax or duty is payable in Malta. Malta residents are afforded protection from double taxation within a network of taxation treaties. Different taxation options are available and individuals whose stay in Malta exceeds 183 days are deemed to be tax payers. 

Foreigners residing in Malta are not taxed on their worldwide income, but only on Maltese source income and capital gains, and on foreign source income remitted to Malta. Foreign source capital gains are not taxed even if remitted to Malta.


Diversified Portfolio

Diversify your portfolio and benefit from the favourable taxation rates for companies and individuals. Malta offers a modern financial hub in the strong financial services, tourism, aviation, boating registration, and online industries which are generating attractive returns. 

A fiscal policy that complies with EU and UK standards, ranks amongst the highest in the world. Serious buyers are looking for secure economic and political environments and reduced risk – which Malta offers.


Retire in Malta

Rated amongst the top destinations to retire, Malta offers mature people residency in a country that will give them the best in terms of climate, lifestyle, health services and peace of mind, whilst also providing advantageous tax regime benefits. 

Malta’s safe environment, competitive cost of living and English speaking population, makes it an idyllic retirement destination. This programme is open to EU and Non EU applicants who qualify according to the financial means and property acquisition or rental, and medical insurance.

Malta is an acclaimed destination for Residency and Lifestyle

More Reason to Stay in Malta

Malta is an acclaimed destination for Residency and Lifestyle. The economically and politically stable environment further solidifies it’s reputation.

Malta is a firmly established independent island in the Mediterranean and is well placed as an anchor for Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Its location has given it great strategic importance throughout history with a succession of power

Geographically, Malta is conveniently located and globally well connected.  It offers a variety of living options including bustling towns and quiet rural or seaside villages. Whether living in a modern apartment/penthouse, villa, house of character, bungalow, or farmhouse; everything is easily accessible either by car, bus, or ferry.

Independent EU country
Schengen Zone Member
Conveniently located in the Mediterranean
Well connected
English speaking
Moderate climate
Easily accessible
Safe environment
Primarily Christian
Comparative low-cost of living
European lifestyle
Robust economy
Stringent fiscal and corporate regulations
Innovative environment
Improving infrastructure
Low unemployment rates
State-of-the-art medical care
High standards of education
Robust economy
Reliable municipal services
Friendly community for foreigners.
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