Are you looking for game changing opportunities for your life, be it finance, personal growth, education, quality of life, or safety – Whether you’re mapping out personal goals, family plans, or business strategies, this technique can guide to seizing new opportunities in various aspects of life.

Dive into the “Six Thinking Hats” technique by Dr. Edward de Bono, where each colored hat represents a distinct perspective. Picture yourself metaphorically wearing these hats—diving into facts, emotions, critical thinking, optimism, creativity, and managing the thinking process. This approach allows you to explore situations from different depths, promoting a comprehensive and effective decision-making process in personal, family, or business scenarios.

Imagine you have six different-colored hats, each representing a unique perspective: White for facts and information, Red for emotions and intuition, Black for caution and critical thinking, Yellow for optimism and positive ideas, Green for creativity and new possibilities, and Blue for managing the thinking process. By metaphorically wearing these hats, individuals can explore a situation from various angles, fostering well-rounded and effective decision-making in personal, family, or business contexts.

Believe it or not, I’ve had the pleasure of crossing paths with Dr. De Bono during some business interactions in training and events in South Africa. Little did I know back then that I would eventually find myself living in the beautiful Malta, his birthplace. Life has a way of surprising us, doesn’t it?

Nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean, Malta beckons expats with its rich history, welcoming community, and a diverse cultural tapestry. The island nation offers investment opportunities in a thriving economy, complemented by picturesque landscapes, a Mediterranean climate, and excellent healthcare and education facilities, creating an ideal haven for expatriates.

I have been living in Malta for 12 years and assisting people and family with relocating, having done it myself a couple of times including living in Gibraltar, Mauritius and partner from the UK and Isle of Man. Utilising the Thinking Caps here are some questions you could ask about relocating.

For information on how Merle can assist you contact whether you are looking at prime property investments, relocation options or setting up business and perhaps hosting an event in Malta.